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Kalamaki beach

Kalamaki is a small seaside village, between Matala and Kokkinos Pirgos. The beach in front of the village is only a small part (2,5 km) of the vast seafront that stretches along the long Bay of Messara. The beach has blond sand and the sea has a ...


Vathi beach

Vathi is a spectacular beach situated very close to the southernmost point of Crete, Cape Lithino, and far away from urban centers, Vathi is an ideal destination for anyone seeking for the ultimate relaxation. The beach is shaped at the exit of ...


Red beach

The Red Beach is located just 800m south of Matala famous resort. To get here you have to walk a trail that begins north of the settlement of Matala and crosses the hill north of Matala. After walking 15-25 minutes from Matala and after passin ...


Site d'Agia triada (Aghia triada )

Agia triada est une site archéologique minoen de la Crète centrale. Il est situé au dessus de la plaine de la Messara qu'il domine à l'ouest tandis que Phaistos, distant de 4 km, la domine à l'est. Le complexe n'&ea ...


Monastère de Martsalo (Martsalou)

Le monastère de Martsalo doit son nom à la gorge de Martsalo qui fait environ 2 kilomètres de long et se termine par une petite plage pittoresque, entourée de palmiers, face à la mer de Libye. Le monastère co ...


31 / 08 / 202014:20
Production of wine and raki from the new harvest

The month of September is directly linked to the vines and harvesting and the pressing of the grapes for the new wine and raki. The favorable climatic ...

22 / 08 / 202013:07
Good food with traditional flavors and graphic atmosphere.

On your walk through the picturesque streets of Matala, you will discover our restaurant, which is located in the most central location and stands o ...

16 / 08 / 202013:03
Sea turtles Caretta - Caretta on the south coast

Sea turtles caretta – caretta choose and lay their eggs on several beaches of Crete, two of them are the beaches of Matala and Komos, on the sou ...

10 / 08 / 202016:44
Kali Limenes Beach party

The August as the warmest month of the summer, is showing us the way to the beaches and beach parties. One of the beach parties that are taking place ...

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